Supported Employment in College

Supported Employment in College:
Increasing Paid Employment for College Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Course Overview

This six-week course is designed to provide higher education professionals with tools and knowledge on evidence-based employment practices that are designed to increase paid employment opportunities for college students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This interactive course includes weekly video lectures, discussions with fellow course participants, and readings that build skills in developing and supporting paid employment opportunities while in college.


This course is targeted to any higher education professional working directly with students with I/DD, or who trains staff working directly with students with I/DD, and is looking to implement, increase, or improve paid employment and supports for their college students.

Topics covered

  • Quality Indicators and Values
  • Getting to Know Your Students
  • Campus Job Development
  • Customizing Campus Employment
  • Job Site Training
  • Tips for Post- Graduation Success and Follow-up

Pace of the Course

This course consists of six weekly lessons. Each lesson will be available every Monday morning by 10:00 a.m. All required weekly activities are due midnight the following Sunday. The course is always available and participants may log in at any time in order to view content, listen to the lectures, and complete assignments.

Course Requirements

To obtain full credit, participants must:

  • Review all lesson videos
  • Complete weekly discussion posts
  • Read all required readings
  • Complete weekly quizzes

Weekly activities, including additional resources and Expanding your Knowledge activities are encouraged but not required for completion.

Course Certificate

At the end of the six weeks and after completing all requirements, participants will be sent an electronic certificate of completion and a $50 gift card.

Number of Hours to Complete the Course

The entire course will take 30 hours to complete. Each lesson will require approximately 5 hours of time to complete.